How I passed’s PSPO III certification

  1. Answer the theory
  2. Apply that theory to specific case studies given in the question
  3. Sometimes, add specific examples from your own experience.
  • Understanding and defining value
  • Product backlog management and making decisions on how to maximise a product’s value
  • Key Value Areas from the Evidence-Based Management Guide (EBM)
  • Scrum artefacts and how a PO and scrum team should use them
  • The PO and the relationship with other members of the scrum team, along with stakeholders outside the team
  • Technical debt and how that can impact a PO and your product.

How I prepared

Some tips as you sit the exam

  • I followed the advice many people have given in the past on passing either of the essay exams. Answer all the multiple choice questions first and skip the essay questions. I was hoping for only a handful of essay questions, and I was very disappointed! It took me around 40 minutes to answer all the essay questions, leaving me around 1 hour 20 minutes to answer the essay questions. That was then a little over five 5 minutes per essay question. This is not much time at all, and you’ll be stunned just how quickly 2 hours flies past.
  • Have a timer and give yourself 3–4 minutes per question. You’ll need a minute to think and review your answer afterwards.
  • Don’t overthink the question, and make sure you answer every part. Answer the theory and then if they ask about your own experience, make sure you include it.
  • Practice and get used to typing for 2 hours.
  • Practice typing out short, sharp answers to questions. They’re looking for concise rather than wordy answers. Less is more.



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Hello! I’m Alex, a product manager based in the UK. This is my blog about product and agile.